My Affair with Online Shopping

I do not enjoy shopping. The parking, the crowds, the smells, the lines, the awkward conversations with the cashiers who would rather be anywhere else...ugh. My little, introverted brain overloads.

Luckily, I live in a blessed age where you can have pretty much anything you need delivered to your doorstep. And I do. So about once a month, I have a pile of cardboard boxes reminding me I need to visit the recycling center. 

But that's okay. It's worth it. Because on top of not having to venture out into the world to shop, I also get that glorious, Christmas-morning feeling every time I come home to find packages on my doorstep. Even when I know there is just toilet paper or laundry detergent inside. 

Yes, I buy my Charmin online. Don't judge.

As you can see from the pictures, I'm not the only one that get's excited about the mailman pulling in the drive. Oscar LOVES a chance to open a present, aka: a cardboard box. It would definitely be selfish of me to deprive him.

Now, given my affinity for online shopping and blogging, sharing my favorite products through affiliate marketing feels pretty natural to me. And it has the added benefit of supporting my DIY, crafty, blogging habits. Thank you for that. Really. It makes my life a happier place when you click my links.

But if it makes you uncomfortable, I'm also happy with you never clicking a link. I hope you still get wonderful, exciting information from my blog that will help you create something you love. Thank you for visiting me and I hope you come back again soon!

P.S. I can't resist telling you about the hairdryer from that box in the picture below, the Infiniti Pro by Conair. Best. Hairdryer. Ever. I've been through quite a few over the years. This one actually has some power!! It doesn't just feel like a gentle, summer breeze. It feels like it's got on a mission to get my hair dry quickly and completely. LOVE. I would buy it again. And again. So if you're in the market, find it. The orange one. You can thank me later.

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