How to Tie a Magic Knot

How to Tie a Magic Knot

We're talking about magic today folks! That's right. You heard me. Magic. This is a magic knot. If you knit or crochet and haven't had a chance to use this knot to join your yarn, I'm about to become your new best friend. If you're a crafter that has any project that requires you to join thread, yarn or string, you need this magic trick in your arsenal.

The magic knot is used to join two separate strings or pieces of yarn. You may do this when you want to change color of your yarn or when you come to the end of one string and need to add more. It's ridiculously strong, small, and virtually indiscernible in the middle of most projects. As you can see, once it's tied, it's no bigger around than the yarn and there are no ends to weave in!

How to Tie a Magic Knot

I've heard some people speak ill of the magic knot, but I've been using it for a couple of years now (for knitting, crocheting, string art and more!) and it's never let me down when tied correctly. So I ignore the naysayers. It's a simple, strong, small, and dependable knot. I like it. A lot.

All you need for this one is:

  • your working thread
  • your new thread
  • a pair of scissors

Speaking of scissors, does anyone else ever wonder if they have too many?

How to Tie a Magic Knot: Too Many Scissors


Back to the knot. Basically what you're doing is using each thread to tie a knot around the other thread and pulling those knots tightly against each other. Pictures are worth a thousand words on this one so look closely at them.

LESSON LEARNED: There's a catch. It DOES seem to matter which way you twist your pretzel. Several times I've put the thread under a loop instead of over and inevitably they end up pulling apart. So follow the arrows. If you don't do it this way and it still works for you, I bow to your knotting prowess!

Make a pretzel with your working yarn. Then, slide the new yarn through the pretzel.

How to Tie a Magic Knot: Working Yarn

Make a pretzel knot with your new yarn, around your working yarn

How to Tie a Magic Knot: New Yarn

Tighten both knots, then snug them tightly against each other.

How to Tie a Magic Knot: Tightening Knots
How to Tie a Magic Knot: Snug Knots

Give it a test tug. It should just get tighter. If the knots give any, you probably took a wrong turn somewhere.
If it's nice and tight, snip the ends as closely to the knot as you can.

LESSON LEARNED: You can nip it nice and close as shown, but be sure not to snip any threads of the actual knot.

After you snip the ends, give it a final test tug. Then, congratulate yourself on a job well done!

How to Tie a Magic Knot
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