My Favorite Things: The Best Work Board Ever

My Favorite Things: The Best Work Board Ever

I'm so excited! This is my inaugural sharing-my-favorite-things-with-you post. And you're going to love my favorite things! And if you don't, well, that's okay. They'll still be my favorites. No pressure.

My Sweet Daddy

If I've never mentioned it, my dad is very handy. He's a builder/tinkerer with a practical and efficient approach to design so he makes all sorts of clever, helpful things.

The Best Work Board Ever: My Daddy

Red Board

Like my work board, affectionately referred to as "Red-Board." Not to be confused with Red Beard. Although I like pirates. And I'm pretty sure Red Beard would love Red-Board as much as I do. But I digress.

The Best Work Board Ever: Red Board

Red-Board appeared under the Christmas tree last year, made by my sweet daddy. I LOVE this board. It's a simple piece: a 20" X 20" square of plywood with Formica covering BOTH sides. And it's perfect for nearly everything!

I didn't even know that I needed a board like this. That's how smart he is! Of course, now that I've been using it a while, you'd have to pry it out of my cold, dead, hands to get it back.

Okay, maybe I wouldn't die for it. But I'd put up a fight. 

My crafty-DIY-ness tends to bleed into every room in my house. I'm always looking for a flat surface to start a new project on because all of the other flat surfaces have projects-in-progress. Red-Board is my salvation. I use it on the couch. On the bed. On top of a "tv table" to make the surface area larger. On the floor. On my lap. Yeah. Everywhere.

The Best Work Board Ever: Laptop

Yes, I am one of those people who still like a separate mouse and keyboard. Mouses make me happy.

Perfect for Nearly Everything

Red-Board is great for crafting, writing, playing games, kids coloring, adults coloring, science projects, puzzling, story-boarding...the list goes on. And it's so easy to clean! Which is important. Cause I'm messy. 

The Best Work Board Ever: Zombie Fluxx
The Best Work Board Ever: Coloring


If you don't own a Fluxx card game, you should. And I strongly recommend starting with Zombie Fluxx. Next on my wish list is Batman Fluxx!

And if you're an adult coloring aficionado, you've got to try the Color Me Stress Free book. It's one of my favorites!

By the way, did you notice how he rounded the corners of Red-Board? That's because he's amazing and knows I'm clumsy. Safety feature. (Thanks, Daddy!) Did you also notice how he didn't round them too much so I had the most surface area possible? Brilliant.

The Best Work Board Ever: Rounded Corner

Don't you wish you had a Red-Board of your very own?! What are some of your favorite things? 

My Favorite Things: The Best Work Board Ever


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